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As always, before cleaning up your computer please review the computer cleaning safety tips.

Why clean your keyboard?

Germs and disease spread rapidly when several people use the same computer and don't keep a clean keyboard. The effect could be even worse when dirt, dust, fingerprints and spilt food particles provide a home for bacteria to thrive on your keyboard. Spilled food and drink can make for sticky keys and a malfunctioning keyboard. For these reasons and more knowing how to clean your keyboard is a worthwhile endeavor.

For a clean keyboard, let's round up some supplies:

How to clean a keyboard in seven simple steps

STEP 1: Remove the cable from the back of the computer case.

Vacuum the KeyboardSTEP 2: Use a vacuum to remove food, dust and debris from between the keys. If no vacuum is available, turn the keyboard upside down and gently tap on the back side to dislodge debris.

Spray the Keyboard with Canned AirSTEP 3: Aim between the keys and blow canned, or compressed air to remove remaining dust and debris. Use short puffs of air applied at about a 30-45 degree angle to the keyboard surface. Alternate between blowing between the keys and tapping the keyboard upside down to dislodge particles until it is clean.

Wipe the Outside of the KeyboardSTEP 4: Lightly dampen a cloth with a mild soap solution and wipe down the outside of the keyboard. Do not spray sooap solution directly onto the keyboard.

Swab the KeyboardSTEP 5: Dampen a swab with isopropyl alcohol and clean between, around and on top of the keys. Change swabs as they become dirty. You may need several swabs.

STEP 6: Wipe the keyboard cord. Lightly dampen a cleaning cloth with mild soap solution and gently pull the cord through the cloth. Too tight a grip may damage it. Dry the cord with a dry cloth.

STEP 7: For dusty or dirty manufacturing environments a good keyboard cover is recommended. X-Style Universal keyboard covers by Rota Technologies, Inc are very easy to use, economical options.

Computer keyboard covers: The X-STYLE Universal Keyboard Protector by ROTA is a simple, yet effective solution to protect your keyboard against dust, dirt, grime, oil, spilled beverages and more. One size fits all keyboards.

This computer keyboard dust cover is made from a super thin, yet strong & durable material. Installation is easy. The protector covers the full keyboard and gives the user the ability to type like there is no cover present. The fit is perfect for every model keyboard on the market.

Read more about the X-STYLE Keyboard Covers.

Cleaning your computer is essential to keep your data safe and extend the life of your equipment:


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