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"Not like ordinary computer dust covers...
The ShopShield™ stays on your computer 24 hours a day—even while it's being used—acting as a huge filter system to keep 99.5% more dust out of your computer."*
* Compared to uncovered computer in recent severe exposure test.

(25 customer reviews)


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Discover why this computer cover technology is used by the US Military to keep dust out of computers in the Middle East. Read details below.

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Dear guest,

Would you like a way to have your wood shop, machine shop, or industrial computers and monitors protected from dust, air-borne particulate and other by-products of harsh manufacturing environments without spending big money on cabinets and enclosures? Then take a look at the technology used by the US Air Force in some of the most dusty conditions on earth—Iraq and the Middle East.


How does it work?

We call it the "Expansive Passive Filtration" (XPF) System.

ShopShield™ computer dust covers totally encase your equipment in protective, breathable membranes. Without protection in a busy shop the sensitive electronic components inside your computer processor and monitor will quickly become coated with dust, oil, grime and other air-borne particles. The filters cover your entire processor and monitor and the huge (expansive) surface area of the filter material (passively) removes dust and particulate from incoming air.

Do you have a dusty shop or work area? How will a simple, protective filter system like the ShopShield™ make you sleep better at night?

How does it save you money?

The ShopShield™ is much less expensive than cabinets and other computer enclosures

These covers have proven to be inexpensive and effective alternatives to costly industrial computer enclosures and computer cabinets. Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for bulky PC enclosures or cabinets when the ShopShield™ will keep your PCs and monitors dust free and save you money at the same time?

Beginning at only $17.88 per cover ($23.88 per monitor cover) this filter system significantly reduces the effect of dirt, dust and grime surrounding it, keeping your equipment running strong and protecting valuable production data. It's all about uptime! What effect would a computer breakdown have on your profit margin?

Yes, but will it work for me?

Who can benefit by using the ShopShield™? Here are a few examples.



Wood products manufacturers

Helps keep wood dust, dirt, and smoke particulate out of your computer and monitor.

Machine shops

Guards against infiltration of metallic dust, metal shavings, manufacturing dust, smoke particulate and oil mist.

Concrete industry

Blocks out sand and gravel particulate, cabosil, cement and fly ash.

Fiberglass industry

Shields against fiberglass particulate and other dust.

Textile industry

Helps keep out textile process dust.

Paper industry

Stops paper and manufacturing dust, wood chips, and more.


Strains out flour and other ingredients.


Keeps out dust from hay, grain, fuel chips, animal bedding and livestock.

Woodworking shops

Guards against sander and wood dust, sawdust and wood chips.

Pet owners and shag carpet owners

Helps keep out pet dander, dog hair, cat hair and carpet fibers.

This innovative filter technology continues to show proven results in these industries and countless other areas that need to protect PCs and monitors from dust, debris and air-borne particulate. Is your workplace situation similar? Wayne Scherr of Scherr's Cabinet and Doors, Incorporated writes:


"I am very happy with the computer dust bags. We are currently using one in the shop. The last time I had the computer out of the bag and checked the inside I was very impressed with the "lack" of dust inside. The computers in the office have much more dust in them when I clean them out. We are on our first bag and it is coming up on one year. We will be changing to a new bag in the next few weeks.

We have two more computers in the shop. Both are inside of cabinets that circulate filtered air. One computer came with such a cabinet on our CNC router—the second we built our own cabinet and installed filters and fans. We will be adding one to two more computers in the shop in the next year—I will use the ShopShield™ dust bag instead of going through the work of building a cabinet."

   —Wayne Scherr, Scherr's Cabinet and Doors, Inc.

(25 customer reviews)

How does the ShopShield™ affect computer temperature?

It can help keep your shop computers operating at normal temperatures by preventing dust buildup inside cases and monitors

Those who understand the significant heat generated by computer electronics may be concerned about heat buildup. How can the computer processor and monitor stay cool inside those dust covers? Won't they overheat? But, the ShopShield™ has that covered, too. Made from a filter material that allows cool air to flow freely to the PC, the covers allow the PC and monitor to operate at normal temperatures while they filter out the dust.

Tests have shown a slight (about 1°C) initial increase in temperature with the ShopShield™ first installed, not too significant compared to the devastating heat increase that a buildup of dust inside your computer case can cause!

Why does the computer monitor need a ShopShield™ cover?

It protects the screen, the monitor, and can help prevent fires


"We recently ordered a few of the dust covers for our shop monitors and love them! The clarity of the screen through the dust cover is great. We use computers in our steel slitting facility and the covers are very effective in protecting the monitor and screen from the air-borne dust. They are also very easy to wipe clean and don't scratch when wiped with a damp or dry cloth. We will definitely order more!"

   —Janet Monk, Doral Steel

(25 customer reviews)

I have worked for several years in the wood products industry, including on the factory floor of wood composite manufacturing facilities owned by four of the largest companies in the business. I have seen first hand the effect of wood dust and dirt on equipment. It blankets everything in sight, infiltrating every crevice and opening of exposed equipment.

ShopShield™ computer monitor covers prevent dust, wood chips and other flammables from plugging up the cooling ports of your monitor and becoming a fire source. Check out the newly re-designed computer monitor cover.


"The monitor covers and case covers work perfectly! I'm very impressed.

We run a wood shop here at M and J Woodcrafts and LaCasa Cabinet Doors, making vinyl pressed MDF cabinet doors, as well as solid wood doors at LaCasa. As you can imagine, things get really dusty.

To date, we have been using these huge, bulky, custom-made cabinets to house the monitors and computers, sealed, with little compressed air being pumped into them—very inefficient. We would go through power supplies like nobody's business as they would all over heat, and get clogged with dust.

These dust bags are a life saver! We will definitely continue doing business! Thanks again!"

   —Brian Walker, Systems Administrator, M and J Woodcrafts / LaCasa Cabinet Doors

(25 customer reviews)

They are quick and easy to install

They take about five minutes to put on. They last for up to 9 months or more before needing replacement, working day and night. They cost around $20 or less, depending on size. As you know, a single breakdown or service call would cost several times that, not to mention the loss of irreplaceable production data. Do you have five minutes to spare? The return on investment realized by simply installing these filters could be huge.

A word of warning! The ShopShield is effective, not pretty. If you need your computer to look highly fashionable this may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive way to stop dust in its tracks and protect your computer equipment 24/7, then you have finally found a system that works.

What if it doesn't work for me? Can I get a refund?

The ShopShield is backed by our 10:1 ROI Guarantee

If you feel the ShopShield does not give you a return on investment of at least 10 to 1, we will refund your money. The system will cut the cost of computer maintenance by reducing the time spent cleaning the equipment. It will reduce the chance of system failure. It will reduce the possibility of a catastrophic hard drive failure and data loss. It will protect CD/DVD drives from becoming clogged with dust.

To put it simply, they are effective. But, you don't have to take my word for it. Every ShopShield™ cover and monitor cover is guaranteed to work to your satisfaction, or we refund your money. If there is some reason it isn't working for you I want to hear about it! See our guarantee and return policy.

Put the ShopShield™ to work for you today

Thousands of professionals in the concrete industry, wood products industry, home wood working shops, agriculture and other areas are depending on these covers to protect their equipment. Begin by clicking the image below now and discover the benefits the ShopShield™ dust filtering system can have for you.

I look forward to getting a letter from you telling me about the performance you have gotten out of your ShopShields. Feel free to write or email me. I'd like to hear how it works for you!


Erik Keranen

Erik Keranen

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