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Easily installed covers filter 99.5% of dust particles. Two options for optimal Dust Defense.

What do you need to protect?

What do you need to protect?






What Style do you need?

Shopshield™ Breathable Cover

How does it work?

ShopShield™ computer dust covers totally encase your equipment in protective, breathable membranes. Made from a filter material that allows cool air to flow freely to the PC, the covers allow your equipment to operate at normal temperatures while filtering out the dust. These covers have proven to be inexpensive and effective alternatives to costly industrial computer enclosures and computer cabinets. Shop our Made in the U.S.A breathable covers today!

Vinyl Slip Cover

How does it work?

Made with non-toxic Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), our vinyl slip covers are moisture resistant (waterproof), durable, and come in a nice coconut cream color that helps hide some dust while also allowing you to see when the dust is piling up too much! 

  • Advanced 0.2mm thick EVA vinyl material is durable yet remains supple down to -80 degrees F so installation and storage is a breeze
  • Silky-smooth antistatic properties repel dust and moisture 

Where our covers are found

Thousands of professionals in the concrete industry, wood products industry, home woodworking shops, agriculture, and other areas depend on these covers to protect their equipment.

A word of warning! The ShopShield is effective but not pretty.

If you need your computer to look highly fashionable this may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to stop dust in its tracks and protect your computer equipment 24/7, then you have finally found a system that works.

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Machine Shops
  • Gaming Rooms
  • Sawmills
  • Woodshops
  • Concrete Industry
  • Fiberglass Industry
  • Textile Plants
  • Paper Plants
  • Agriculture
  • Woodworking Shops
  • Pet Owners
  • Schools
  • Outdoor Industry

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About Us

We have been fighting computer dust for over 20 years! Instead of spending big money on cabinets and enclosures, we were determined to find a better cost effective way to protect vital equipment. Our dust fighting solutions are 99.5% effective at blocking dust. Made right here in the great Midwest of the U.S.A, our products have found their way across the globe with the U.S. Military. Our technology is used by the US Air Force in some of the most dusty conditions on earth—Iraq and the Middle East.

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