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ShopShield™ CPU Cover Vinyl CPU Cover ShopShield&trade vs. Vinyl Comparison
Product Comparison

The ShopShield™ CPU dust cover is a highly breathable cover that completely encases your PC tower to filter out dust. It remains installed at all times -- even while the computer is running. In comparison, vinyl covers should be used only when the computer is turned off. Please select ShopShield™ or vinyl by clicking on the appropriate image (left).

"These dust bags are a life saver! We will definitely continue doing business! Thanks again!"
   —Brian Walker, M and J Woodcrafts

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ShopShield™ CPU Cover

ShopShield™ CPU Cover ShopShield™ CPU Dust Cover

ShopShield™ CPU Cover Showing Door Flap ShopShield™ CPU Dust Cover

Computer Dust Solutions BBB Business Review

Free Keyboard Cap Keyboard Protector (limit 3) when you purchase both a ShopShield™ CPU Cover and ShopShield™ Monitor Cover!
Do not add free keyboard protectors to your cart - they will be included with your shipment automatically.

Our Price: $17.88

Quantity Discount: Order ten (10) or more ShopShield™ CPU covers and get an automatic 10% discount.

Standard ShopShield™ PC filters will accomodate the width and depth of nearly all PC cases and only the height [X] needs to be measured. However, for file servers, CNC computers, or other processors greater than 9" wide or 24" deep, please obtain all dimensions and select "add to cart" by "Large Tower" below. Enter your actual tower dimensions on the next page. Also, for mini towers select "add to cart" and enter your actual tower dimensions.

Height [X] in Inches

Model #



Mini Tower* SS-MINITOWER $17.88 add to cart
9 to 11.75 SS-0812 $17.88 add to cart
11.76-13.75 SS-0814 $18.88 add to cart
13.76-15.75 SS-0816 $19.88 add to cart
15.76-17.75 SS-0818 $20.88 add to cart
17.76-19.75 SS-0820 $21.88 add to cart
19.76-21.75 SS-0822 $22.88 add to cart
21.76-24 SS-0824 $23.88 add to cart
Large Tower* SS-LARGE $24.88 add to cart

* For mini towers and large towers enter all dimensions after clicking "add to cart". The standard ShopShield door flap does not fit the mini tower. A fabric door flap will be included instead.

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Antistatic Vinyl CPU Cover

Vinyl CPU Cover Vinyl CPU Dust Cover

Computer Dust Solutions BBB Business Review

Free Vinyl Keyboard Cover when you purchase BOTH a Vinyl CPU Cover AND Vinyl Monitor Cover! (no limit) Do not add free keyboard covers to your cart - they will be added to your shipment automatically.

Our Price: $11.88

Quantity Discount: Order ten (10) or more vinyl CPU covers and receive a 25% discount.

SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE - SERVER TOWER COVER - MINI TOWER COVER - and THE NEW HORIZONTAL DESKTOP COVER - Get the size you need! There are several sizes to choose from. These CPU covers are manufactured from a translucent, water resistant and anti-static vinyl material for effective dust, moisture and static protection. Except for two inches of coverage at the top, the back is open to allow for cord and cable connections.


Cover Desc.



4.5x11x14 Small Mini Tower $11.88 add to cart
8.2x14x18.5 Mini Tower $12.88 add to cart
8.2x16x18.5 Mid Tower $13.88 add to cart
8.2x18x18.5 ATX Tower $14.88 add to cart
8.2x25x19 Large Tower $15.88 add to cart
10x20x24 Server Tower $15.88 add to cart
17x4x14 Horizontal Desktop $16.88 add to cart
8x2x8 DC-76 Horizontal $9.88 add to cart

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