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Keyboard Cap Anti-microbial Keyboard Cap

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Free Keyboard Cap Keyboard Protector (limit 3) with purchase of both ShopShield™ CPU Cover and Monitor Cover!

Anti-microbial Keyboard Cap

Our Price: $8.97

Part #: CDS-KCAP

Quantity Discount: Order three (3) or more Keyboard Caps and get an automatic 15% discount.

Easy Installation!
Like a shower cap for your keyboard. The Keyboard Cap by ROTA is a simple, yet effective solution to protect your keyboard against dust, dirt, grime, oil, spilled beverages and more. Now with Silver-ion antimicrobial additive that kills bacteria, algae, and fungi on the protector. These type-through keyboard covers remain installed on your keyboard at all times providing you with 24 hour protection.

These spill-proof protectors are only 0.025 mm thick-yet, they are strong and durable.

Fits standard size keyboards (maximum dimensions shown below)





457 mm
18 in
203 mm
8 in
50 mm
2 in
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Vinyl Keyboard Cover

Vinyl Keyboard Cover Vinyl Keyboard Cover

Computer Dust Solutions BBB Business Review

Free Vinyl Keyboard Cover with purchase of both vinyl CPU Cover and Monitor Cover! (no limit)

Our Price: $8.97

Part #: DC-28

Quantity Discount: Order ten (10) or more vinyl keyboard covers and get an automatic 25% discount.

The antistatic vinyl keyboard cover provides protection from dust and spills. Fits most keyboards. Translucent, antistatic vinyl is water repellent and easy to clean.

Dimensions: 18 x 7 x 2 inch and NEW LARGE KEYBOARD COVER, size 20 x 9 x 2 inch.

Cover Size

Model #



18"W, 7"D, 2"H DC-28 $8.97 add to cart
20"W, 9"D, 2"H DC-28L $9.97 add to cart

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