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ShopShield™ Monitor Cover Vinyl Monitor Cover ShopShield&trade vs. Vinyl Comparison
Product Comparison

The ShopShield™ monitor cover is manufactured with a highly breathable material covering the sides and rear of the monitor and a clear, see-through antistatic vinyl over the screen. It remains installed at all times -- even while the monitor is in use. In comparison, the all-vinyl monitor covers should be used only while the monitor is turned off. Please select ShopShield™ or vinyl by clicking on the appropriate image (left).

"We recently ordered a few of the [ShopShield™] dust covers for our shop monitors and love them! The clarity of the screen through the dust cover is great."
   —Janet Monk, Doral Steel

(25 customer reviews)

ShopShield™ Monitor Covers

ShopShield™ LCD Monitor Cover ShopShield™ LCD Monitor Cover

ShopShield™ CRT Monitor Cover ShopShield™ CRT Monitor Cover

Sizing Your Monitor for a ShopShield™ Dust Cover

Free Keyboard Cap Keyboard Protector (limit 3) with purchase of both ShopShield™ CPU Cover and ShopShield™ Monitor Cover!
Do not add free keyboard covers to your cart - they will be included with your shipment automatically.

Our Price: $23.88

Quantity Discount: Order ten (10) or more ShopShield™ monitor covers and get an automatic 10% discount.

Sleek new design for flat panel monitor covers!

ShopShield™ computer monitor covers:

  • Protect your monitor 24 hours a day.

  • Filter all incoming air to protect internal components.

  • Protect expensive screens from dust, chemicals, scratches and more!

  • Keep dust, debris, wood chips and other foreign objects out of cooling vents.

  • Especially effective in harsh, dusty manufacturing conditions.

  • Cool and prolong the life of your monitor.

  • Tailored seams for a smooth, attractive fit.

  • Installs in less than one minute!

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sizing Instructions: Because there are so many different monitor sizes available, physically measuring your monitor is required to ensure a good fit. Use a tape measure and obtain the width [w], height [h], and depth [d] of your monitor in inches. See the illustration below for reference. Do not include the base or stand in your measurements.

To select the breathable ShopShield cover described above click "Add to Cart". Inside the shopping cart you can then select your individual monitor dimensions from the dropdown lists.

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Vinyl Monitor Covers

Vinyl LCD Monitor Cover Vinyl LCD Monitor Cover

Computer Dust Solutions BBB Business Review

Free Vinyl Keyboard Cover when you purchase BOTH a Vinyl CPU Cover AND Vinyl Monitor Cover! (no limit)
Do not add free keyboard covers to your cart - they will be included with your shipment automatically.

Our Price: Starting at $14.88

Quantity Discount: Order ten (10) or more vinyl covers and receive a 25% discount.

These monitor covers are manufactured from a translucent, water resistant and anti-static vinyl material for effective dust, moisture and static protection.

15, 17, 19, 21, 22 and 24 inch, LCD or CRT, or 20" Mac or 24" Mac-- Get the right size cover to protect your monitor! Please verify your monitor dimensions to ensure the model you select will fit. Cover sizes (inches) are shown in the tables below:

LCD Monitor Type/Cover Size

Model #



15" LCD
16W x14H x3D
DC-18 $15.88 add to cart
17" LCD
18W x14H x3D
DC-19 $15.88 add to cart
19" LCD
17W x18H x3D
DC-20 $16.88 add to cart
21" LCD
DC-21 $16.88 add to cart
21-22" LCD
21W x 14H x 3D
DC-46 $17.88 add to cart
22" LCD
21.5W x16H x3D
DC-34 $17.88 add to cart
23-24" LCD
23W x16H x3D
DC-47 $18.88 add to cart
24" LCD
24W x18H x3D
DC-35 $18.88 add to cart
26" LCD
26W x18H x4D
DC-48 $20.88 add to cart
28" LCD
28W x18H x4D
DC-77 $21.88 add to cart
30" LCD
30W x18H x4D
DC-78 $22.88 add to cart
New! Covers for large screen TVs, televisions and other large LCD screens. Please measure your LCD monitor width, height and depth to verify correct size.

LCD Monitor Type/Cover Size

Model #



32" LCD TV
32W x 20H x 4D
DC-51 $23.88 add to cart
37" LCD TV
37W x 23H x 4D
DC-52 $25.88 add to cart
43" LCD TV
43W x 27H x 4D
DC-53 $27.88 add to cart
53" LCD TV
53W x 33H x 3D
DC-54 $29.88 add to cart
NOW - COVERS FOR IMACS! Cover for 20" iMac, 24" iMac, 27" iMac (and other Monitors with wider bases) These covers are 3 inches deep at the top and 8 inches deep at the bottom.

LCD Monitor Type/Cover Size

Model #



20" iMac
20.5W x 17H x
DC-36 $17.88 add to cart
24" iMac
24W x 16H x
DC-49 $18.88 add to cart
24" iMac
24W x 20H x
DC-37 $18.88 add to cart
27" iMac
27W x 18H x
DC-50 $20.88 add to cart
CRT MONITOR COVERS. These are for the older style boxy (deep) monitors. They also double as printer covers in many cases.

CRT Monitor Type/Cover Size

Model #



15" CRT
DC-22 $16.88 add to cart
17" CRT
17.5W x16H x17.5D
DC-23 $17.88 add to cart
19/21" CRT
21W x20H x23D
DC-24 $18.88 add to cart
Note: Monitor sizes vary widely. Choose a monitor cover based on the size of your own monitor and the cover sizes shown in the table above.
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