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Experts estimate that up to 70% of computer hardware problems are caused by dust! Even a thin layer of dust or grime in your PC can cause loss of valuable data and premature system death.

Cleaning techniques and dust protection measures can extend the life of your PC dramatically.

How does dust and grime cause loss of data and early system death? The answers are corrosion and overheating of sensitive computer chips and other components. Many people do not realize that the little glitches and errors driving them nuts may be caused by dirty or corroded equipment. And they wonder why their PC only lasts a few years. Regularly cleaning your computer will delay or prevent this from happening. In dusty environments, such as wood shops and machine shops keeping your equipment inside cabinets, enclosures, or ShopShield™ computer dust covers is highly recommended.

How does dust get inside your PC?

The electrical fields created within computers and monitors are literally magnets for dust and corrosive particles, which enter the computer cover and monitor through multiple small openings. Computer fans, while nessessary for dissipating heat can compound the problem by either creating a vacuum inside the PC and causing more dusty outside air to enter the case, or by blowing directly unto components inside the PC, causing a hardened, caked layer to develop.

How does dust cause computer overheating and electronic malfunctions?

A layer of dust or grime acts like a blanket on your motherboard, heat sink and other componants, preventing heat from escaping. Overheating causes eventual disaster, sometimes very quickly. Corroded chips cannot transfer data effectively, resulting in interruptions, or even complete stoppage of data processes. Metallic dust can cause electrical shorts and is especially destructive. Keep a clean PC and your data safe by using the free PC cleaning and dust protection instructions on this site.

Cleaning your PC is essential to keep your data safe and extend the life of your equipment.


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