Monitor Covers


Disconnect the computer tower from keyboard, monitor or other external components.

Remove ShopShield™ from its protective packaging being careful not to pierce the filter.

Unfold the ShopShield™ filter, grasping the unsealed edge and gently shaking to open.

Slide the ShopShield™ over the computer.

It is very important at this point to make sure that the ShopShield™ is not pulled tight around the computer. Allow the filter to breathe easy.

Remove the backing from the disk drive door frame and place it on the ShopShield™ so the drives are framed.

With a pair of sharp scissors, carefully cut along the inside left, bottom, and right sides of the frame creating a door flap.

Remove backing from the ShopShield™ disk drive door; there will be adhesive along the top and in the center of the door. Align the door with the frame and gently press to secure.

Reconnect all components to the backside. The cables will reach the computer by running through the open end of the ShopShield™.

Wrap remaining filter around monitor cords. Secure the back of the ShopShield™ with the Velcro fastener.

The ShopShield™ computer filter is now fully installed. Start your computer and continue working as usual.

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