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Our goal is to help industry and home computer owners protect their investments by offering top-quality dust protection solutions. We are proud to offer two options. Our ShopShield™ industrial filters to protect your equipment 24/7 and our vinyl covers for when your equipment has minimal use or is not used for long periods of time. Computer Dust Solutions was founded by Michigan Technological University Wood Research Scientist Erik Keranen. 

The Backstory, by Erik:

As the founder of Computer Dust Solutions, LLC, I have worked in the wood products industry and as a wood research scientist at Michigan Tech University for the past 25 years. This experience has given me an appreciation of the need for and innovative theory behind ShopShield™ industrial equipment filters.

Several years were spent crawling in, around, and on top of materials and equipment in wood composite manufacturing facilities as a quality and process improvement technician. Dust is a major consideration in this type of environment, especially when it affects computers and equipment automating the process and monitoring process variables.

Computer control rooms and cabinets keep out some of the dust, but not all of it. I saw that PCs and computers were usually covered in dust, which probably contributed to many of the glitches and other computer breakdown problems.

Standard plastic computer covers were sometimes used when equipment was down, or off-line, but taking them off and putting them back on was a hassle often neglected and the plastic covers contributed to the clutter around the work area. This is where the potential of the ShopShield™ filter became apparent.

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How ShopShield™ works

Superior Dust Protection for your vital equipment

ShopShield™ covers are designed to stay on the equipment at all times, even while the equipment is running to provide quality dust protection solutions. The special filter material allows cool air to circulate through the equipment while filtering out the dust.

Changed on a regular basis, the ShopShields™ keep your monitor, CPU, or printer clean and cool, avoiding the burnout of sensitive electrical components covered in dust. Thousands of satisfied users have relied on this technology to protect their computers and monitors. It is one of a kind!

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Next level Customer Service

We will take the time and care to ensure your transaction experience goes as smoothly as possible. You can rest assured your personal and credit card information will be safe. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will give you a refund promptly and courteously. We recognize that good reputations are earned by meeting and exceeding expectations. For the long haul. We look forward to exceeding yours.

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Erik and his daughters

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