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No. ShopShield™ Industrial CPU filters and monitor covers are made from a breathable material that acts as a huge dust filter while allowing cool air to flow into your CPU and monitor. The ShopShield™ remains on your computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, protecting your computer and monitor from the dust and grime surrounding them.

We suggest every 6-12 months depending on the environment.

The ShopShield™ captures dirt on the outside, making it easy to gauge when it is time for a replacement. Dirt accumulation reduces the effectiveness of the filters, so it is important to change them on a regular basis.

An access door is included with each CPU filter, which you can attach after the ShopShield™ has been installed on your PC. The opening can be placed wherever you want it. Instructions are included with your ShopShield™.

Yes, the design is intentionally loose to allow the entire surface area of the filter to be used for filtering incoming air. When the ShopShield™ is pulled tightly over the PC the surface area for filtering is limited, reducing its overall effectiveness and useful life.

The easiest solution is to mark the switch location on the filter with a sticker, or simply drawing a circle around the switch with a marker.

A properly sized ShopShield™ CPU filter fits loosely on your computer. Standard PC cases are about 8″ wide (8″ tall for horizontal desktop models). The ShopShield™ CPU filter is sized by the height [X] in the illustration below. Measure your case height [X] and ADD 0.5″ to 2.0″ to the measurement. Select the size you need from the list when ordering.

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Standard ShopShield™ CPU filters will accommodate the width and depth of nearly all PC cases. Only the height [X] needs to be measured.

For file servers, CNC computers, or other processors greater than 9″ wide or 24″ deep, please obtain all dimensions and order by telephone. Call 906-370-5741.

Because there are so many different monitor sizes out there, physically measuring your monitor is required in order to ensure a good fit. Grab a tape measure and obtain the width [w], height [h], and depth [d] of your monitor in inches. See the illustration below for reference. Do not include the base or stand in your height measurement. Monitor measurements need to be exact. Do not add any inches to your measurements.

Monitor covers for sizes less than 21 inches may be ordered through the web site. For larger sizes, please call 906-370-5741 or email for availability and pricing.

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All new products present some risk. Do they work? What are the downsides? Research has been done to investigate this question:

Using advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technologies from ThermoAnalytics, an unprotected computers heat generation is modeled as shown here.

The same computer with a filter…

The bottom line is that there is a small increase of approximately 1°C on the video card.

Upon examination, you’ll note the protected computer appears to have a cooler top. This is due to the filter’s influence on radiation heat transfer. In this case, the filter reflects a minimal amount of heat back, hence the cooler external thermal appearance.

The filters prevent dust from coating and insulating internal computer componants where it can cause intense heat buildup. However, you must take care to properly size your ShopShields™ as well as replace them regularly to ensure cooling air can pass freely to your computer.


  1. Place your PC or monitor into the ShopShield™.
  2. Close the open end of the ShopShield™ around the cords with the provided Velcro strap.
  3. Install the Access Door if you want to use your external drives.


+ View more detailed instructions here.

ShopShield™ CPU filters use patented technology to keep dust out of your computer, ShopShield™ flat screen monitor covers protect your LCD screens and flat panel monitors from dust and grime, and ShopShield™ computer monitor covers keep dust and debris from clogging ventilation ports—real fire hazards.

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