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X-Style UNIVERSAL LAPTOP Keyboard Cover



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Laptop Keyboard Covers

Our Price: $5.97

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The X-STYLE Universal Laptop Keyboard Protector is a simple, yet effective solution to protect your keyboard against dust, dirt, grime, oil, spilled beverages and more. These type-through keyboard covers remain installed on your keyboard at all times providing you with 24 hour protection.

These spill-proof protectors are only 0.025 mm thick-yet, they are strong and durable.
Thickness: 0.025 mm (0.01 inch)

Laptop Size

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Medium (14-15 inch) RT-XU011 $5.97 add to cart
Large (15.4 inch) RT-XU015 $5.97 add to cart
XL (16-17 inch) RT-XU017 $5.97 add to cart

The Universal Notebook Keyboard Protector offers simple-to-use and effective protection for all brands of laptops and notebooks. It has two elastic straps that keep its protective film in place over any laptop keyboard. This TPU film is durable, flexible, and transparent: it's very easy to type with it in place, but still keeps out spills, bacteria, and other contaminants from your keyboard. It's able to take the wear of months of use, but still cost-effective enough that it can be used as a sterile one-time use protector that is then sterilized or thrown out.

It's more than thin enough for storing inside closed laptops, so it's perfect for keyboard protection on the move, from the home, to web-cafes, to the office, or to the clinic.

-Protection from contaminants: Keeps dust, hair, condiments, coffee, and other common spills or waste from entering your keyboard.
-Easy to install and cycle: Simple slip-on installation, easy to clean and sterilize.
-Ultra-thin TPU film construction is transparent and easy to type through, but still durable enough for months of constant use.